Partnering with HR for Your Development

business partner developing people food safety culture human skills leadership takesavillage Feb 01, 2024

🎙️ Join us on this episode of "Real Talk Food Safety with Jill & Tia" for an enriching conversation with Stephanie Vitrano, the Founder of Bay Visions Consulting, LLC. Stephanie is not just a seasoned professional; she's a trusted strategic business advisor and thought partner, renowned for delivering tangible growth results to leaders, teams, and organizations.

🌐 With over a decade of hands-on experience guiding leaders and teams as they navigate corporate business transitions, Stephanie brings a wealth of resilience and commitment to growth to the table. Her passion lies in seamlessly integrating development initiatives, fostering impactful changes within daily work routines, and spearheading projects that make a difference.

💼 In this episode, Stephanie will share tips of leadership development options and share valuable insights on how to partner with HR to propose and garner support for your (and your team’s) development plans. 

Engage with Stephanie, Jill, and Tia in a discussion that promises to inspire, educate, and transform. Don't miss the chance to gain valuable perspectives on leadership development in the food and beverage industry. Be part of the dialogue that shapes the future of your career! 🌟

Learn more in THIS episode of Real Talk Food Safety with Tia & Jill.


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