What if there was a better way to empower you and your team to achieve business goals more effortlessly?

Now There Is.

Catalyst offers well-planned, progressive coaching-based programs for people in working in food that have been built by those who have walked in those shoes. Through our leadership development offerings, your team will integrate technical expertise into your business operations. We have practical, ready-to-use-now tools and approaches that are grounded in coaching. We believe coaching is the tool for helping people tap into their inner wisdom, power, and gifts so they can step into their best selves.

We walk alongside you, helping you answer the question “how do we get there?” by not only equipping you and your leaders but every single person in your company because everyone has a role to play in success.  Here's why development is the key to attracting, retaining, and unleashing your people's talents:

of employees have not  mastered the skills they need for their jobs today (Harvard Business Review)
more profit for companies that invest in employee development (Leftronic)
of employees say lack of professional development prevents them from reaching their full potential (Builtin)
of an employee’s salary is the cost to replace them (Forbes)

Here's How We Help Empower Teams

Leadership Programs

Fosters growth through structured, progressive programs from early to mature career stages.

Online Learning

Flexible, self-paced learning accessible anytime, anywhere, catering to individual schedules and learning needs. Coming June 2024!


Interactive workshops offer hands-on learning, fostering engagement and collaboration for impactful skill development.


Individual and team coaching provides increased awareness, personalized guidance, and enhanced skills for improved performance and growth.

Not sure which option is right for you and your team?

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Some of our happy clients

Follow their example to elevate your leadership and business to new heights!

Why Choose Catalyst's Programs over other Leadership Training Programs?


It's simple – Jill & Tia are industry veterans who have walked the walk and have been in your shoes. They know, and you know, training isn’t enough to change behaviors, especially to cultivate the impactful leaders you and your team are meant to be. While leading teams in food, Jill & Tia both worked with coaches and saw incredible personal outcomes from coaching that transformed how they led teams. Those outcomes and more are what others report from coaching, too. That's when they knew coaching was vital to transformational leadership.

That’s why Jill and Tia became certified coaches. With their technical expertise, leadership experience, and coaching perspective, they create relatable, progressive, reflective leadership programs to meet the unique demands of the food and beverage industry and, more specifically, technical leaders in the space. Catalyst's Leadership Approach isn't just about theories; it's a practical, hands-on guide to transforming leadership styles, making you and your team the driving force behind your organization's success.

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At Catalyst, we don't train.  We coach

Our people-focused approach to transforming technical experts into technical leaders delivers results that matter and change that lasts. Why Coaching-Based?  Coaching is designed to help people connect with the best version of themself, so they can share their gifts and talents.  When people are in the space where they thrive, they generate positive outcomes.  Here are just a few reasons why Catalyst's whole-being well-being development programs translate directly to improved business outcomes:

Your Time is Now.  

Don't take our word for it. Here's What Others Are Saying...

"The investment is worth it! Jill and Tia’s passion for helping technical leaders grow is so evident in the way they approach all of their programs…not to mention, their FSQA knowledge and experience just adds an extra layer of greatness. I’m excited to see my team continue to grow with the support of Catalyst!"

FSQ Director

If you're thinking about working with Catalyst LLC, don't hesitate. Tia and Jill are more than instructors; they're mentors who'll push you to reach your full potential. Trust me, it's worth it!

Co-Founder and Food Safety Consultant

"Working with Catalyst has allowed me the safe space to become the leader I've always sought to be. I've become self-aware and feel confident that I can lead and exceed the expectations as a technical leader." 

QA Regulatory Specialist

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