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Understanding the complex world of food safety is a heavy weight to carry as an organization. Whether you're a small business owner navigating compliance, a technical expert stepping into leadership, or a leader who's taken the responsibility of improving food safety culture, it's a complicated world.    The reality is food safety problems can put you out of business. 

Here's the spoiler alert - you don't have to do food safety alone!   In fact, you were never meant to.   That's why we're here.

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Here's who we help with our Coaching-Based Programs:

Small Businesses

I'm a small Business Owner ready to grow more so need help with food safety!

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Technical Experts

I'm in food safety & quality and want to become a more effective Technical Leader!

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Food Safety Leaders

I'm leading Food Safety Culture for our organization and need help!

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At Catalyst LLC, Tia & Jill understand that:

  • Food safety regulations and compliance can seem like a foreign language!
  • Being a technical expert doesn't automatically qualify you as a technical leader.
  • Writing food safety policies won't change your food safety culture. 
  • Coaching is the key to creating new conversations and space for the transformations our clients experience!
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You can count on us to:

  • Meet you where you're at
  • Empower you to own your food safety programs
  • Equip you with powerful tools & skills to move forward

So that you can:

  • Implement what works for you and your business
  • Feel confident in the vision you've worked so hard to achieve
  • Reach your personal & professional goals

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Don't take our word for it. 

Here's what our clients say:


Quality Manager, Lakeside Foods

Catalyst's Early Technical Leader Bootcamp gave me skills to be a solid leader, solution-finding skills, and great encouragement while uplifting my work-life balance!


Innovation Specialist, Dole

After the first session I saw how the program would benefit my professional career. The improvements I've experienced will help me lead in this role and beyond!



QA Superintendent, Wayne Farms

No matter what part of the food industry you're in, Catalyst's programs are relatable, have solutions, and have a positive atmosphere!


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