In Over Their Head: When a Team Member isn’t Ready

developing people expectations food safety culture leadership powerful conversations takesavillage Jan 24, 2024

🎙️ Join Jill and Tia on the next episode of "Real Talk Food Safety" as they delve into the crucial topic of team members not being fully prepared for their roles. In this insightful discussion, our seasoned hosts will explore the signs and situations that indicate when a team member might not be ready for the responsibilities at hand. Drawing from their extensive experience in the food and beverage industry, Jill and Tia will share practical insights on how to navigate through these scenarios with tact and empathy.

🔍 Gain valuable perspectives on identifying early indicators, addressing the challenges, and implementing strategies to support team members in reaching their full potential. Whether you're a manager, team leader, or an aspiring professional, this episode promises to offer actionable advice on fostering growth within your team.

🗣️ Don't miss the chance to be part of the conversation. Join us live, share your experiences, and contribute to the dialogue that shapes the landscape of professional development in the food and beverage industry. Tune in for an episode that addresses the real challenges faced by teams and provides tangible solutions for success. 🌟 #TeamDevelopment #RealTalkFoodSafety

Learn more in THIS episode of Real Talk Food Safety with Tia & Jill.


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