Welcome Back to Leadership Excellence! Strategic Leader: Level 2 - The Next Chapter

Welcome back, champions

Your journey into leadership excellence continues with  Strategic Leader Program. Remember the impact Bootcamp had on your skills?  Brace yourself for an even more transformative experience in Strategic Leader.

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Reflecting on Bootcamp:

The Catalyst for Change

Think back to your Bootcamp journey.  It wasn't just a course; it was a catalyst for change.  You explored a people-first leadership style, honed your knowledge and skills, and emerged as a more confident and capable professional.  Now it's time to leverage that foundation and elevate your leadership game.

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Why Strategic Leader Now?

Because Your Leadership Story Continues 

Build on Your Success

The Strategic Leader Program is not just a sequel; it's a continuation of your success story. We're not here to repeat what you've already mastered. Instead, we're propelling you into the realm of next-level leadership, where decisions are not just made but strategically crafted for maximum impact.

Go Beyond Technical Expertise

Strategic Leader unveils the art of cultivating awareness to strategically lead. Over eight months of cultivating new perspectives, you’ll take the reins with a new found confidence, motivating your team, and steering your functional area toward greatness. This is your opportunity to transcend from a skilled professional to a visionary leader.

Culminating in a Capstone Project

Your Strategic Leader journey doesn't end with lessons and group coaching; it culminates in a capstone project, where you'll apply your new skills to a real-world scenario. This is where theory meets practice, and your transformation into a strategic leader is solidified.

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What You'll Learn: A Glimpse into Strategic Leader 

Emotional Intelligence Mastery: Harness the true strength of emotional intelligence, a crucial skill for effective leadership in the ever-evolving landscape of the food industry.
Team Performance Enhancement: Develop the skill to assess and nurture your team's readiness to elevate your team's performance through targeted strategies that turn individuals into a cohesive and successful unit.
Coaching Habit Development: Transform your leadership style by incorporating coaching habits, fostering continuous improvement and growth within your team.
Business Outcomes through Leveraging Relationships: Move from building relationships to leveraging relationships to effectively create value within and across the organization. 
Leadership Presence Exploration: Explore and enhance your leadership presence to create a plan to move forward in your career.

And much moreDownload descriptions for all 14 modules!

Strategic Leader Module Details

Download a detailed outline of Strategic Leader Modules now.

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Remember the Excitement? It Continues...

Recall the excitement of embarking on your Technical Leader Bootcamp journey?  Strategic Leader brings that excitement back, amplyfying it with advanced strategies, real-world insights, and the wisdom needed to navigate the complexities of leadership preparing you for the next step in your career. 

Reignite Your Leadership Flame in Strategic Leader. What’s included:

  • Online, self-paced modules with videos, tools and workbook
  • Weekly group sessions with coaching and peer forums
  • Exclusive community access
  • 8 months to journey alongside others for practice, support, and accountability
  • Individual 1:1 coaching
  • Certificate of completion to use for continuing education 
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Priced at $6295, this isn't just a financial investment; it's an investment in your career.  leadership journey. The return? A leadership presence that propels you, your team, and the organization forward.

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 Your transformation into the next-level leader begins here. Don't miss the chance to join a community of professionals committed to reshaping their careers. Enroll in the Strategic Leader Program today and unlock the leadership potential within you.

 Your leadership revolution awaits. Let's script this transformation together.

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