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Transforming Technical Experts into Technical Leaders in Food

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If you're in food safety, quality, regulatory, R&D, engineering, supplier quality, technical services, sensory, compliance, auditing, lab services, operations, or any other role that supports making food, this program is for you!

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The Power of Transformation from Technical Expert to Technical Leader

Imagine a world where your expertise ensures best-in-class food safety standards, innovation, and process excellence and propels your team toward greater success. Technical Leader Bootcamp is designed for people who work in all areas of food (think food safety, R&D, packaging, engineering, etc.), from senior managers to front-line team members, ready to transition from being experts to leading high-performing teams that drive business outcomes. Our comprehensive course is the bridge between technical prowess and leadership excellence.

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What You'll Learn: A Glimpse into Technical Leader Bootcamp 

Mindset Mastery: Increase self-awareness to lead with confidence and compassion.
Influence Techniques: Learn effective methods to make your voice heard and build solid relationships.
Expectation Management: Exceed expectations by evaluating workload capacity to drive business outcomes while taking care of your team.
Building Relationships: Go beyond technical talk to connect with people to build safe spaces, trust, and positive team culture. 
Firefighting Strategies: Navigate crises with composure through curiosity and collaboration.

And much moreDownload descriptions for all 14 modules!

Bootcamp Module Details

Download a detailed outline of Bootcamp Modules now.

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The Investment in Your Future

Technical Leader Bootcamp is an investment in your future leadership success. The value extends far beyond the cost. Think of it as a roadmap to a more fulfilling and impactful career. By becoming a Technical Leader, you're not just advancing in your profession – you're shaping the future of technical leadership in food. What’s included:

  • Online, self-paced modules with videos, tools and templates
  • Weekly group coaching community to extend learning
  • Fourteen (14) weeks to journey alongside others for practice, support, and accountability
  • Check-ins with your coach for individualized support and insights
  • Certificate of completion to use for continuing education

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Testimonials: Hear from Your Peers

Discover what our alumni have to say about their transformative journey from technical expert to influential leader. Real people, real impact.

As a food safety leader, I've always been able to develop good working relationships. But the piece that was missing was developing a system of support and influence. Through Catalyst’s Technical Leader Bootcamp I developed a deeper understanding and ability to evaluate my performance in work relationships. From there, I worked to strengthen key relationships to be more resourceful and effective for meeting goals. Typically in food, performance reviews are centered around KPIs and production or financial($) goals. Bootcamp provides the performance assessment and evolution of soft skills that are very much so missing from work performance reviews.


Food Safety & Technical Services Manager

I sought a resource to help me elevate my leadership and improve my interactions with other people. Catalyst LLC set itself apart from other resources by focusing on persons in my field directly. Most people in the technical food industry profession do not have a lot of training in leadership or teamwork. Catalyst LLC can fill that gap in the profession with targeted material to those individuals.

If you want to take your career, your team performance, and your company to the next level I highly recommend Catalyst. They have the experience, and resources to make it happen.


Corporate Technical Compliance Manager

I started my journey with Catalyst as I took on a new role as I wanted to ensure I was setting myself up for success and providing the best "me" I could be for my team, co-workers, and business partners. Technical Leader Bootcamp gave me more insight into myself, and I discovered where I tend to put roadblocks in my own way. I learned new ways and different perspectives to look at things and navigate situations even though I was an experienced FSQA leader. I found it so valuable that I signed my direct reports up for the program as well! As my team has gone through the program, I have seen them implement and practice what they have learned.

The investment is worth it! 

FSQA Director, Innovations & Regulatory Compliance

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