Are you Gonna Miss Me when I'm Gone?

bettertogether takesavillage Aug 04, 2021

‘You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone’ are the sweet lyrics that Brooks & Dunn and Anna Kendrick swoon on different radio stations, playlists, and music apps.  While the two songs have a different feel and come from separate worlds, both spark the same question – do we miss things when they’re gone?

I don’t know about you, but I miss having face to face time with YOU, my fellow FSQ professionals.  I miss the magic that spontaneously comes from meeting new people and hashing over new ideas. Some of my favorite times with others in FSQ have been kindling new relationships around a conference table when the speaker had a profound perspective, and connecting without filters to have real conversations with substance.   

That’s how I kind of feel with limited travel creating even less opportunities for in-person connections this year. In a normal year, it was challenging to tear away from the plant, a new product launch, or the regular short-staffed situations.   And so I find, it’s the common tale of I miss something when it’s gone.  

Have you missed connecting too?

Connecting with people matters.  Connecting with people in FSQ matters.  It matters for our overall well-being and happiness.  Having people who can understand us, share in our joy and share in our woes, and even ‘get’ us makes us happier[1].   

In fact, studies even show that when you have a friend at work (or the equivalent of a work friend), you are more satisfied at work, more productive, and even believe your job is more important[2].   When you're in FSQ, especially a lone FSQ leader at a location, you may not have a work friend that you can comfortably share or vent.  That may be due to confidentiality with personnel matters, relatability to the issues, or knowledge about our technical food safety/quality world.

Here's the good news.  You are not alone.  Have you ever wondered about connecting differently to people within food safety and quality?   Or providing an opportunity for individuals on your team to experience learning, growth, and mentoring with other FSQ professionals?   When we share, we build better food safety systems and better people together.  

Here are a few ways to stay connected:

  1. Connect through Social Media: On your social platform of choice, simply search for food safety or other key words and wait for the lists of possibilities!
  2. Check with your Industry Groups such as @Females in Food, @For Women in Food Safety, @Institute of Food Technologists, @IAFP, @United Fresh Produce, @Consumer Brands Association,  @AFFI as many sponsor virtual member connecting sessions.
  3. Join a Peer Group:  Check out The Food Safety Coach who builds communities and connections that empower and support people in FSQ to have success in work and life.    

If you’re unsure of the methods above, feel free to connect with ME on LinkedIn.  I LOVE sharing ideas, hearing from fellow FSQ members, and encouraging others to find success.  Happy Connecting!  

Thanks for the read!


[1] Why Friends Make Us Happier, Healthier located at

[2] Benefits of Work Buddies by Laura Feuerstein at

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