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Catalyst's interactive, immersive, coaching-based workshops foster collaborative environments where teams actively engage and share insights. By promoting open communication and problem-solving, these workshops encourage team members to leverage diverse perspectives and skills, leading to innovative solutions and enhanced productivity. Our workshops include:

Learning Concepts

Enhanced outcomes start with being open to new perspectives.

Team Building

Share, laugh and collaborate in new ways to nurture relationships.

Hands On Interaction

Engage and  solve challenges to promote improved team dynamics.

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Signature Workshops

Our most popular topics can be delivered in speaking or workshop style depending on the event format (virtual or in-person), your group size, the time allotment, and your budget. No matter the format, everything is interactive and engaging! We’ll make real human connections, and you’ll walk away with tangible actions to use at work and in life.

Sparking Culture: Creating the Change You Want to See

Unlock the potential of transformative leadership as we guide you through creative activities to establish core values and beliefs as the bedrock of an inclusive food safety culture. Depart with a strategic plan, equipped with actionable steps to enhance your team's commitment to a thriving food safety culture.

Practical Methods for Handling Conflict in Food Safety & Quality

Equip your team with essential tools to navigate conflict. Master techniques to address disputes constructively, ensuring a harmonious work environment and strengthening the foundation for food safety practices.

Once Upon A Time: Exploring the Role of Storytelling

Learn to win people over by mastering the art of influence and storytelling. Explore techniques to inspire your team with compelling narratives, fostering a shared understanding of the importance of food safety practices and creating a resonant narrative across your organization.

Make Life Happier: The Role of Self Talk in Leadership

Explore the impact of self-talk on effective leadership. Uncover the power of positive internal dialogue and learn how cultivating a resilient mindset can enhance not only your leadership style but also the overall well-being of your team.

Emotional Intelligence: A Leader's Super Power

Looking for answers from others? Uncover your internal superpower through the transformative impact of emotional intelligence in leadership. In this workshop, explore the core elements of emotional intelligence, Enneagrams, and how combined with your IQ, make you an unstoppable technical leader. 

Creating Your Path in the Midst of Change

Navigate change confidently as you create your path amidst organizational shifts. Equip yourself with tools to navigate transitions effectively, ensuring food safety remains a top priority. Learn to lead your team with resilience, fostering a culture that thrives in the face of change.

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Patricia, Director of Quality

"Tia & Jill held the session in a way that made me feel comfortable jumping right in without prior preparation. Beautiful slides. I got a good feel for the practice in a brief session! I recommend Catalyst’s Workshop!"

Karen, Director of Sales

"I highly recommend Catalyst!  They were a joy to work with for our virtual workshop. High energy, smart, genuine, professional, and engaging. The event itself went very smoothly. Their content and delivery were excellent, and they did a superb job of 'reading the room' and pacing appropriately."

Carl, CEO

"Interactive. Great energy.  Jill & Tia gave something to the audience to take away. Best session of the event."

Ashley, FSQA Specialist

"What I love about Jill and Tia is this genuine, honest, and real-world perspective. They aren't just flat 'motivational' speakers. They've both been where you are at some point or have such a closely similar experience. It brings more authenticity to the guided work and mentorship of Catalyst."

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