What power could you unleash through personalized coaching?

The difference between knowing and doing is coaching.

Yet, sometimes, we unconsciously stand in our own way. Tap into your gifts and talents to step into your inherent power to have the personal and professional growth you want. You already know what to do, but making the change happen can be hard.

That's why Catalyst's professional coaches are here to support your whole-being well-being growth journey.

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Coaching is good for people and it's good for business.

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Why does coaching work?

Coaching isn't therapy. It's a powerful tool to help individuals and teams set and achieve goals. Coaching is forward thinking about where you want to be, and it works because a professionally trained coach ensures your coaching is:

  • Client-led: No two coaching sessions are the same. You are squarely in control, and coaches simply meet you where you're at.
  • Mindset Focused: Recognize and understand the stories and thoughts that hold you back and create ones that serve you.
  • Personalized: Tap into your inner wisdom to create the goals, possibilities, and actions to achieve your goals

Which Coaching Path is Right for You and Your Team?

Individual Coaching

Reconnect with what you love - about yourself and the work you do.  Understand the stories that hold you back, and create the stories you want to have.

Team Coaching

Examine team values, needs, and ways of working.  Improve team effectiveness by refining focus, improving relationships, and resolving conflict.  

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