What if there was a different way to equip Technical Experts, like you, to be the Technical Leaders they want to and deserve to be?

To change your life, you need a structured path to grow! 

We built it for you.  

Introducing Catalyst's Technical Leadership Development Path (click HERE to download a copy)- the industry's only coaching-based program dedicated to your success as a Technical Leader.  Clients call it life-changing.  You'll call it the greatest journey that's unleashed your potential more than you ever thought possible.

Almost everyone starts with Technical Leader Bootcamp; however, if you feel the New, Strategic, or Integrated Leader Stage is for you, email us at [email protected]!

Start Changing Your Story Today in our Technical Leader Bootcamp! 

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You're busy, but you know you need something to change.  So we built the Technical Leadership Development Path for you.  It all starts with our Technical Leader Bootcamp where you get:

  • Online, self paced modules with videos, tools and templates
  • Weekly group coaching community to extend learning
  • Fourteen (14) weeks to journey alongside others for practice, support and accountability
  • Certificate of completion to use for continuing education
  • A personalized Individual Development Plan for the journey ahead

From now till September, you'll get:

  • Invites to our weekly Real Talk Food Safety show!
  • Bonus Goal Setting worksheet to map out exactly what you want from this program!
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We guide you through inspiring, practical, and proven coaching-based programs so you can be the Technical Leader you want to be.


Understanding the complex world of food - from food safety to quality to R&D to packaging - is an intricate part of making food.  Yet many businesses in the food and beverage industry don't understand this complexity.  To navigate the complex food world, organizations typically hire Technical Experts, like you, to "figure it all out".

What companies fail to realize are Technical Experts aren't always Technical Leaders. 

Technical Experts are wicked smart and passionate about what they do, yet these skills like leading people, leading teams, and influencing people effectively were never taught in school!  Leading people is a different game with different skills and different rules.  

Sound familiar?

Companies ask Technical Experts to stretch beyond their skills and comfort zone to play in this space.  Many Technical Experts can work in this space but often struggle, or fail to reach their full potential because they are only building on what they already know instead of fully expanding into new.  When stuck with doing the status quo or constantly fighting the uphill battle, that's when frustration, burn-out, and apathy set in.  Technical Experts may even wonder if this is the right job, or even the right organization for them. 

Have you ever wondered?

You're not alone.

You probably aren't surprised to learn there's a 2.5 times higher turnover rate for managers within the food and beverage industry compared to an industry average of 10%.  

Surprised?  We didn't think so. 

Finally, a program that helps you grow into the Technical Leader you want to be.  All you have to do it sign up and you'll get access to start the journey.  

Our next cohort starts September 2022.

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Step into your Leadership.  Be prepared to:

Improve Confidence!

You've got this.  You've got what it takes.  After this program, you'll believe it too!

Increase Clarity!

Kick the uncertainty.  Clear is kind whether it's in what you do or how you communicate.

Build Community!

You're not alone.  You don't have to do  it all - that's why we are #bettertogether.

What Others Are Saying...

"The Early Technical Leader Program gave me more insight into myself and I discovered where I tend to put roadblocks in my own way. I learned new ways and different perspectives to look at things and navigate situations even though I was an experienced FSQA leader."

FSQ Director

"One of the biggest take-aways for me was establishing a standardized schedule to organize my day.  Not only am I mentally prepared to know what my day will look like, but I also understand my job duties and the time it requires to establish productivity while also uplifting work life balance. "

QA Manager

"No matter what part of the food industry you're in, Catalyst's programs are relatable, have solutions, and have a positive atmosphere!"

QA Superintendent

Here's why our Technical Leader Bootcamp is for YOU!

Whether your new to this industry or you've been here for years, this program helps you create your framework for success - the parts no one has shown you!  Through this program you'll learn and practice new skills, approaches, and concepts so your technical knowledge can be center stage.  You deserve to have:

  • A mindset that works with you, not against you
  • A detailed standard worklist that not only ascts as your agreemtn on expectitons but also has been verified through Workload Capacity analysis so you have work-life balance!
  • Internal and external nurturing support systems with people that genuinely want you to have success
  • Improved team dynamics as you practice gratitude and appreciation
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