What's the Current State of Food Safety at Your Organization?  


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What You'll Explore:

Using Catalyst's unique approach, you'll examine the current state of food safety culture at your organization based onleadership maturity, expertise and experience, existing food safety programs, performance management system, the overarching business structure, and details around future business goals.  

This will help you discover:

  • what's been foundational to your success with food safety culture that needs to be protected,
  • what's not serving the organization for food safety culture any longer that needs to be removed, and
  • what gaps keep you from getting where you want to go.

What You Get:

A personalized Food Safety Culture Assessment Report that:  

  • details the top 2-3 actionable steps for your organization to move food safety culture forward,
  • provides an analysis of gaps in the food safety management system,
  • identifies the organization's current state on Catalyst's Food Safety Maturity Model,
  • evaluates if the organization is at the appropriate stage of food safety culture maturity based on the business goals, and 
  • provides a 45-minute strategy session to map out next steps.

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